[Digital Lover] D.L. action 101

Posted in Regular by YQII on the January 20th, 2016
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Here’s the last D.L. action doujin from C89. I don’t know anything about Granblue Fantasy, and I couldn’t find much information about the game in English, so I had to make an educated guess for some of the names and terminology. I understand an English localization and an anime doptation are both on their way, so hopefully we’ll get some official sources in the future.

The story is about some alchemist girl dressed in a santa outfit trying to spend Christmas Eve with what I assume is the playable male character of the game, but they get interrupted by a loli who’s actually a 1,000 year old man and also possibly an earth dragon? Yeah, I didn’t read the wikis too well. I like the loli though.

Scanned by dkdidldidh and edited by AntiAgingAnon.

DF | EX | 50-99 Batches


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