[Digital Lover] D.L. action 101

Posted in Regular by YQII on the January 20th, 2016
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Here’s the last D.L. action doujin from C89. I don’t know anything about Granblue Fantasy, and I couldn’t find much information about the game in English, so I had to make an educated guess for some of the names and terminology. I understand an English localization and an anime doptation are both on their way, so hopefully we’ll get some official sources in the future.

The story is about some alchemist girl dressed in a santa outfit trying to spend Christmas Eve with what I assume is the playable male character of the game, but they get interrupted by a loli who’s actually a 1,000 year old man and also possibly an earth dragon? Yeah, I didn’t read the wikis too well. I like the loli though.

Scanned by dkdidldidh and edited by AntiAgingAnon.

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[Tits!] Sandwich 7 Scene 03

Posted in Regular by YQII on the December 5th, 2013
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I feel like Christmas would be a lot more merrier were Santa a little girl big with huge knockers instead of a hairy geezer with a fat belly. By the way, since today’s December 5th and we’re already on the subject of the questionable Santa features, to all the Dutch people out there, enjoy your blackface sidekick!

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[Charlie Nishinaka] Choice! Vol.3 Ch.01

Posted in Batch,Info,Regular,Yuri by YQII on the April 8th, 2012
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01 – Narikiri #12

After many years, the new tankoubon is scanned, and I can finally finish what I started back in 2009. In fact, volume 4 is also available, so you can expect a lot of Charlie Nishinaka in the near–and probably distant–future.

If you’ve read the previous chapter, the concept is very much the same. Each chapter has Shiori being dressed up in a new outfit and embarrassed–usually in public to further the embarrassment.

However, these new volumes has a lot more yuri than the previous ones. Some chapters are exclusively yuri, and others–like this–are mixed. Some new characters are introduced, but the one thing that is constant is Shiori in the midst of everything.

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~Happy Easter~

Choice Vol.01 + Vol.02: (more…)

[Amatarou] Yukinose-san to Boku [v2]

Posted in Regular by YQII on the July 7th, 2010
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Much like with the Daisy book, most chapters of Amatarou’s new book, “Lesson to You”, were already translated by the time it came out. Me and AntiAgingAnon will finish the book, and there’s two untranslated chapter left.

Here’s an updated version of this. The next chapter, an after-story to the “Lesson for You” story, will probably be out in a couple of days.  We will not redo the whole book. We only did this because it’s 1: short, and 2: the only chapter translated by me.

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[TakayaKi] Holy Night Invader

Posted in Regular by YQII on the December 29th, 2009
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Seems like someone got a visit from (a different) Santa this year again.
This guy must’ve been really nice these last two years.
Today we learned that rape is okay if it’s a girl doing the raping.


First part (or scroll down two post).

[Utamaro] Amamai, Amamai After Story

Posted in Regular by YQII on the December 24th, 2009
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Like last year, I tried to find something fitting for the season.
This is two chapters from a fairly new? book (official release date is today, but it’s been around for week or so). Actually it’s just the 4 page bonus chapter that has a Christmas theme, but I think I can get away with that by offering Christmas wincest.

Merry Christmas!


[TakayaKi] Abrupt Holy Night

Posted in Regular by YQII on the December 23rd, 2009
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A blast from the past, or at least around this time last year. I’m surprised no one got around to translate it until now. Remember kids, if you find a passed out girl on your balcony tomorrow, it’s probably okay to rape her (Okay seriously, don’t rape anyone.
It’s bad)
. This one’s a tad longer then yesterdays release, 6 pages.


Like some people already pointed out, there’s a second part to this.
I will do it first thing after Christmas. Ps: Does anyone know where it’s from?
I’m guessing Megastore 09-12 or 10-01, but can anyone confirm that?
Link to second part!

[Amatarou] Yukinose-san to Boku

Posted in Regular by YQII on the January 10th, 2009
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Yes indeed, this is the 4rd part of Nee-san to Boku. Notice the lack of the incest-tag? There isn’t any Miki in this :<
It’s only 12 pages so I went wild with the editing, with all the different sized moans everywhere this probably took the same amount of time to edit as a normal 30 pages manga…

Updated version here!


Chapter 1-3 here!

Judging from the newest tankoubon Daisy, the “correct” order of the chapters should be (kind of obvious but just to clarify):
1. Aneki Keikaku
2. Nee-san to Boku
3. Nee-san to Boku 2
4. Yukinose-san to Boku

[Wanyanaguda] Jiki Hazure no Santa-san

Posted in Info,Loli by YQII on the December 22nd, 2008
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What can I say, when it’s me it has to be Wanyanaguda!


What is this lix.in sorcery?


[Amatarou] Nee-san to Boku 2… 2?

Seems like I (or more like the scanner) once again missed 2 pages. Just like last time it’s the same thing just with 2 extra pages, edited by AntiAgingAnon.

Click here for download

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