[Digital Lover] D.L. action 101

Posted in Regular by YQII on the January 20th, 2016
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Here’s the last D.L. action doujin from C89. I don’t know anything about Granblue Fantasy, and I couldn’t find much information about the game in English, so I had to make an educated guess for some of the names and terminology. I understand an English localization and an anime doptation are both on their way, so hopefully we’ll get some official sources in the future.

The story is about some alchemist girl dressed in a santa outfit trying to spend Christmas Eve with what I assume is the playable male character of the game, but they get interrupted by a loli who’s actually a 1,000 year old man and also possibly an earth dragon? Yeah, I didn’t read the wikis too well. I like the loli though.

Scanned by dkdidldidh and edited by AntiAgingAnon.

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[Digital Lover] D.L. action 80

Posted in Regular by YQII on the September 10th, 2013
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Three DL doujin releases withing a month? We truly live in the best of times.

This is another Misaki doujin, and while I can’t really say for sure, it feels reasonable to place this together with 77. Seems like we’re jumping back and forth between present (7678) and past (7780), so maybe we’ll see a Misaka+Misaki one next. Speculations!

This is one of those “stories” where’s there not a whole lot to comment on. Misaki’s at Touma’s place and doesn’t want to leave. However, by the end of the doujin, the tables are turned. Also the (by now) obligatory viagra-substituting remote magic science.

Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

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All of my hhhnnggg

PS: I plan on fixing that one forgotten entry in the series that is #68. I’ve been putting it off because I wanted to watch the anime first, but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to do that, so I’m just gonna translate it anyway. It should be ready in the not so distant future, and then I think I’ll put together some batches as well (#50+).

[Charlie Nishinaka] Choice! Vol.3 Ch.05

Posted in Regular by YQII on the August 12th, 2013
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05 – Narikiri #16

This chapter will bring us some teacher cosplay (which is a bit weird seeing how she’s an actual teacher); instead of her regular jersey, she’ll try out a more proper look with a skirt suit and glasses for added sensei-ness.

Anyway, enjoy some phone sex. And by “phone sex,” I mean the exhibitionist kind where you have sex while on the phone with someone else.

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[Saida Kazuaki] Kneesock Hallelujah 2, new book, regarding Tayutayu

Posted in Info,Regular by YQII on the March 29th, 2009
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[Saida Kazuaki] Kneesock Hallelujah 2 + After

This is the second part of Kneesock Hallelujah as well as the second chapter from “Pattsun 2”. If you’ve read the first part you know what to expect, Kneesock-philia but with a bit more d’aaw than the first one. The two bonus pages at the end of the tankoubon is included as well.
Conan had tons of fun editing page after page of transparent bubbles/bubble less text, props to this man.

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